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Cassitta Lab is the result of the knowledge gained through Cassitta Engineering; an engineering and architecture integrated design studio with more than 40 years of experience, which for years protected the coasts of Sardinia from overbuilding. A company that has always sought bio-ecological solutions to construction-related problems and has studied highly effective systems for energy savings while developing new technologies with the aim of achieving the correct and reasoned use of renewable sources.

Now, after putting in place all the Cassitta Engineering Know-How, we’ve created Cassitta Lab, whose mission is the research and application of innovative technological systems and energy management and sustainability models that can help society live comfortably in harmony with the environment, and as a result ensure sustainable development.

We’re a perfect ‘anomaly’

Three elements coexist, grow and interact within CLAB: an engineering company, an innovative startup and an E.S.C.O. These three departments create the ideal synergy to develop and produce highly innovative services and products.


Interdisciplinarity. This is the word that best sums up CLab’s soul. A team that includes professionals coming from the most disparate sectors: engineers, architects, geologists and designers. Excellencies that have decided to create a system, while integrating their respective competences. Different knowledge interpenetrates so as to create a network of experts capable of offering a 360° scientific approach. We believe in the value (never predictable) of training and hard-won experience on the field. We use Gallura as an experimental laboratory to implement and test our research, putting the location’s characteristics and the nature of the context in relation to the function of our products and the expectations of those who will use them in order to create self-sufficient organisms that are capable of having the least possible impact on the environment throughout all the stages of their life cycle.






Ricerca e sviluppo


Our vision is horizontal: fewer personal interests and greater collective interests. We invest all our resources so as to accelerate a cultural and planning change that requires continuous research, consolidated professionalism and interdisciplinarity. Our projects and products provide concrete evidence to this holistic approach because they are guided by three fundamental principles: man, the environment and economic sustainability.

We’re innovative (startuppers)

Research. This is the other concept that serves as the common thread for CLab’s work. We are constantly projected into the future and “hungry” for new discoveries. Anticipating time is our mission; curiosity and an inquiring spirit are the engines that set in motion every action.
CLab Innovation is our beating heart. Where it all begins, where Cassitta LAB SRL’s research and development find the ideal synergy that allow our discoveries to take off, where our ideas take shape, where our dreams and our visions become reality.

Radoff Project

After years of studying the effects and distribution of Radon Gas we’ve launched the RADOFF project, with the aim of responding to one of the main physiological needs of the territory: health. The aim of the device we’ve designed and produced is to contribute in limiting the regional average concentration of Radon values, guaranteeing a completely safe and healthy working environment or living space for its users.

Radoff Project

From May 2017 to the present

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